22 January 2017

Tech Review: Lee Staffords CoCo LoCo Irons

So these straighteners are part of Lee Staffords Haircare range and the main difference between these any other similar straighteners out in the market is that these ones come with coconut oil infused ceramic plates, which are said to help protect your hair.

Packaging & Aesthetics
The straighteners come in quite basic packaging, which after reviewing Lee Staffords Academy Hairdryer (see my review here) I was pretty disappointed with, but i suppose it goes with the lower end price these irons are being sold at. The straighteners themselves are a pearlised pink colour with dark pink buttons and gold floating plates. The cable is a good length and its a swivel cord meaning you don't get the dreaded cord tangle issue.

Design & Usabiility
The plate end has a nice rounded curve feature and the benefit of this is it gives you the ability to create different styles - so not just pure straightening you can curl and flick also.

The straighteners have variable temperature settings ranging from 120 - 200 and the heat is controlled by 2 buttons on the side to reduce or increase the heat. When switched on there is an LED display on the top panel which displays the current heating setting which is really handy. They heat up fairly quick and i normally go for 200 as i do like really straight hair.

The plates are a really good width and this is where the coconut comes into play - when heated up the plates transfer the coconut onto the hair so when you pull the hair through it slides through easily and leaves your hair with an added shine and smooth finish. I have pretty thick hair and these glided through no problem - i have to admit that the low price of these made me a bit sceptical as to their performance but for a lower end pair of straighteners i was really impressed. 

The rounded curve design of these does help with the curling element should you wish to use these to curl your hair. I do find sometimes curling with straighteners they can stick and jar whilst twisting - these don't which means less risk of hair damage.

The straighteners have 2 safety features which include a shut off function after 45 mins and also a handy lock feature which closes the plates shut. They also come with a 2 year guarantee.

Overall this is a decent set of irons - however i must admit that i still prefer my previous straighteners as they gave me a more sleeker finish, but these do work better for curling than my last ones. The price is an absolute bargain at around £27.50  so if you are looking for a bargain set of irons that do the job then look no further.

Thank you to Review Directory for giving me the opportunity to try these irons.

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8 January 2017

Zenmeds New Reconstructive Makeup Range

Zenmed (in case you haven't come across them before) are best know for their reconstructive skincare which targets skin ailments such as rosacea and acne. Their latest offering sees them step into the makeup market with 2 brand new products designed to correct redness and even out skintone.

Firsty their Complexion Perfecter - which is basically a redness correcting beauty balm. Available in 4 shades fair, light, medium and dark it comes in a sleek black box and dispenses from a squeezable tube.  it contains 3 skin benefits which are:

  • Matrixyl peptide which is anti ageing busting and helps improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Olive Extract and Hibiscus Syriacus which help hydrate the skin.
  • A broad spectrum SPF 25 

The cream is very easy to blend and gives quite a sheer coverage yet still somehow manages to tone down any red areas of the skin. Colour match is really good and skin feels soft and natural. Having generally pale skin as well I love the inclusion of the SPF.

So to finish off the look they have also created HiDef CC Powder which is a colour corrector mineral powder which contains ingredients such as  jojoba, licorice root extract, green tea leaf, and aloe vera. The powder is a yellow colour which is designed to target redness but also cover up pores. Its perfect for a range of skin woes such as dark circles, blemishes, uneven skintone, redness and discolouration. 

I would say be light on the coverage to start as the yellow colour can be quite obvious if you put too much on. Use a brush rather than a puff as the coverage is alot more even. The yellow hue to the powder really calms down any angry redness and its gives a great finish to the Complexion Perfecter. 

Overall the two products compliment each other perfectly - great for evening out skintones and hiding flushed cheeks.

The products are both available from the Zenmed website with the BB Cream selling for £26 and the powder £24.

Whilst we are on the topic of Zenmed I also recently tried another of their products which is from their skincare range - Organic Cream Exfoliator.

This is a scrub designed for very sensitive skin and uses jojoba microspheres to get rid of the nasty dead skin cells. With ingredients such as organic lavender, white tea, calendula and chamomile its gentle enough to use daily.

The scrub on application is very fine and creamy and a little goes a long way.  Massage it onto damp skin for a minute or so then simply rinse off. Skin feels sqeaky clean and soft and provides a perfect base to apply your make up. I did find my skin felt dry quite soon after rinsing however that may be due to my skin type - but a few dabs of serum and my skin felt amazing.

This is a great gentle everyday scrub which cleans skin without the aggrivation. Again its available direct from the website and is £26 a tube however if you hurry over to the website its currently available on the specials page for £21.

Thank you to Zenmed for allowing me to review the products

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7 December 2016

Tech Review: Lee Stafford Academy Hairdryer

Now its not often that i would get excited at a getting new hairdryer, but that was before i got my hands on this rather sleek looking piece of kit!!

The Lee Stafford Academy pro speed hairdryer is at the higher range of the hairdryer market...and rightly so...this has so many good points on every level, so lets list them.

Packaging: When this arrived it was immediately one of those 'ooooh' moments, the box is impressive and well designed in sleek black and electrical pink colours. Its a simple magnetic seal and on opening you are greeted with the hairdryer in all its impressive glory (another 'oooh' moment) - plus a cute little note entitled "for the new you!". The card inside contains tips for the perfect blow-dry but best of all a whopping 5 year guarantee.....very nice indeed! (You do need to register within 30 days of purchase on http://www.leestaffordelectricals.com ).

The Hairdryer:  So to the hairdryer itself...which i have to describe as one of the most aesthetically pleasing hairdryers iv seen in a long time....the main body is coated in a black rubberised coating which gives it a better grip but also makes it look pretty damn cool. It has a extra long 3m un-tangable cord with hanging loop which i was pleased about because short cabled hairdryers are a massive bug bear of mine!! It also comes with a 6mm concentrator attachment. The 2 added bonuses of this hairdryer is that is has a handy removable grille cover for cleaning....(yes you can actually clean it properly), and also it has universal voltage....so travel is a doddle!!

Features and usability: The dryer has 2 speeds and 3 heat settings depending on how you like to style, it also has the cool shot button which gives a blast of cold air when needed, and the blast is pretty instant when the button is pressed. The dryer is a nice weight, not too heavy and the rubber casing means its really easy to hold, doesn't slip in your hand. The overall speed when on the highest setting is pretty good and blasts my medium length hair dry in a matter of minutes. The extra narrow concentrator is also great for targeted blow drying.

Conclusion: One of the best hairdryers Iv come across in a long time, well designed packaging, sleek design, aesthetically stunning and works really well. If you are looking for a 'major brownie points' christmas present this year for your other half then you need to be ordering one of these.....top marks Mr Stafford - great product!!

Pricing: The Academy Hairdryer retails at £69.99 which is at the higher end for hairdryers however the overall design, features and usability I think make it well worth the money...and with a 5 year guarantee to boot, you can't go wrong.

Thank you to Review Directory for giving me the chance to review this hairdryer.

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5 December 2016

Super smooth skin with Dr Bragi Bio Marine Exfoliant

So over the course of the week Iv been trialling this rather lovely facial scrub from the brand Dr Bragi. If you haven't come across them before Dr Bragi is a science led brand that focuses on skincare technology specifically marine enzyme.

The brand is one actually one man Dr Jon Bragi who is one of the worlds leading enzymologists. He has studied the effects of the enzymes for wound healing and arthritis and then he moved onto dermatology and thats when Dr Bragi was created.

These super charged marine enzymes do a whole host of good things for the skin
  • Refines skin surface reducing appearance of fine lines
  • Improves skin texture, firms and smooths
  • Removes dead cells and skin impurities
  • Calms irritation and redness
  • Protects the skin by removing harmful microorganisms
  • Hydrates the skin
The brand currently contains 5 products (check out my previous review of the Intensive Treatment mask), the facial scrub (Bio Marine Exfoliant) comes in a 50ml tube and contains fossilised diatom algae and witch hazel. This scrub is targeted to get rid of stubborn dead skin cells and excess oil. The inclusion of the rather fancy sounding algae supports collegen production...essentially regular use is meant to zap impurities and nasty blackhead and improve overall skin tone

So to the scrub itself, its fragrance free but does have a mildly clinical smell to it, you only need to use a small amount as the scrub is very fine in texture. The main difference with this scrub from others is you actually use it on dry skin and not damp.....was slightly worried that it may be too course on dry skin but actually found it was quite gentle. If you do have overly sensitive skin i would suggest using it with water. 

After application you then simply rinse off with water as usual.....skin felt immediately squeaky clean and fresh...surface is super smooth giving you a perfect base for make up. I did find that my skin felt dry quite quickly so i would advise application of a moisturiser or serum straight after.....it just so happens i had a few sachets of Dr Bragi Age Management Moisturiser so swiftly applied a couple of drops to finish off.

My overall complexion look refreshed, clean and felt smooth. Because of the slight drying effect afterwards i would say that I wouldn't perhaps use this on a daily basis, perhaps once or twice a week. The addition of the serum at the end provided the perfect base and gave me a super smooth finish. 

Overall this is a great little exfoliant especially if you are suffering from spots or blackheads. Its at the higher end of the price range at £25 for 50ml however a little does go a long way so the tube will last. 


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15 October 2016

Lord & Berry Seta Eyeshadows

Lord and Berry Seta Eyeshadows

Now i have to admit Im a bit of a sucker for coloured eyeshadow......blues, greens, purples.....you name it Iv worn them all, so when I was asked to review some of the funky colours from Lord & Berry's Seta range i jumped at the chance!!

So if you havent come across Lord & Berry they are a Italian fashion house that basically regards makeup as a glamour fashion accessory. Even though they are a mid price range brand, their products have a high end feel and look which is sleek and very appealing.

Now the Seta range of eyeshadows is extensive......with colours ranging from Valentine pink to Molten Black, it covers a huge spectrum. The eyeshadows come in single round pots......each individually boxed.

Lord and Berry Seta Eyeshadows

I tried 4 colours from the Seta range which were:
luxurious-lime - pastal lime colour
Sumptious - a deep purple colour
Green Fairy - an almost grey/green
Peacock - lovely turquoise blue

Lord and Berry colour swatches

The shadows are really soft and easy to apply but most importantly really blendable making it easy to combine different colours. Pigment is quite light meaning that you can layer colour to make it darker and more intense and some have a slightly iridescent effect.

Staying power is quite impressive and i found that they don't crease like you tend to get with some eye shadows. 

Prices vary for these, from about £8 - £12 depending on where you order from. 

Overall im really impressed with the range, love the single pots however It would be fab if they sold them as sets as well. The colours are bendable and have enough staying power to take you through the day.

Check out the full range at http://www.lordandberry.com/ 

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