29 September 2014

The Library of Fragrance - Can a single scent be exciting?

Barbados Cherry Scent

So the wait is over and The Library of Fragrance finally launched  this month with 28 different scents being available from Boots stores across the UK and up to 101 versions on the UK website. Having worked with them up to the launch i was lucky enough to get to sample one of these unique singular scents so with a love for all things fruity i picked a scent from the website, Barbados Cherry.

Now the Library of Fragrance has created pretty much every type of scent and designed them to capture a feeling, a moment from your childhood, a familiar fragrance that evokes a memory....and Barbados Cherry is no exception. As soon as the spray hit my skin i had a flashback of being 17...terrible fashion, spiral perm and a love for fragrance oils....the smell instantly took me back to that moment.  A fruity punch that's quite sweet on impact but settles into a lovely warm and distinctive scent which lasts for hours. The bottle comes in a rather lovely classic design and is also the absolute perfect handbag size. 

The best thing about being a singular scent is they are perfect for layering....allowing you to create your own unique personalised scent....and giving you the perfect excuse to buy more, so its a rather good thing that Boots are currently offering 2 for £25 (single is £15).

These are simple, long lasting scents and with 101 different fragrances the list of combinations is endless. Tangerine and Baby Powder are next on my hit list......whats yours?

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12 August 2014

Exclusive - Upcoming launch of The Library of Fragrance

Gin and Tonic Fragrance
So if you love fragrance like i do you'll be very excited to hear that there is a new name on the block........soon to be launched on Sep 9th called The Library of Fragrance.

The Library of Fragrance has a whopping 101 fragrances to its name which will all be available via their website....28 of these will also be launched in Boots across the UK and via Boots.com. The fragrances are all about simple singular scents and many are fun day to day smells such as Baby Powder, apple pie, christmas tree, daisy, fireplace, grass and even 
Play Doh!!! 

The full 28 fragrances launching in Boots will be revealed, one fragrance at a time via their Facebook page over the next few weeks.

Thunderstorm Fragrance

Four leaf clover fragrance

Grass Fragrance

Orange blossom fragrance

Baby Powder fragrance

To be notified when they launch simply sign up with your email at:

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31 July 2014

Grab a bug and spread the stink

Stink Bugz packs

What is it with boys and stuff thats just plain gross? they love it.......sticky, dirty, smelly....which is probably why Character Toys thought that the concept of Stink Bugz would be a good idea.

Yep these delightful creatures are part of a collection of what they call 'the most disgusting collection of bugz ever'........just fills me with joy!!

Stink Bugz

Muck Maggot

Yes these lovely little guys are basically gross smelling bugs......and i mean gross. There are currently 4 characters to collect at present...the one above being lovingly called Muck Maggot. They each come in a sealed jar.......and when you break that seal you can understand why.......they stink, really bad.....and as if that isn't bad enough, they are squeezable which means you can squeeze the stench in peoples faces.......fabulous!!!

Each bug has its own unique stench......
Muck Maggot - Rotten fish
Swampy Skeeter - Swamp water
Skunk Mantis - Skunk
Trashy Turdmite - Garbage heap

And thats it.....thats all they do, they stink, parents will hate them and kids will love them.......can't really go wrong. The only saving grace is the jars they come in, thankfully they provide a lid so you can seal the delightful characters up when your kids are not chasing you with them!!

Each little bug is £4.99 and you can buy them direct from the Character toys site or various other major toy retailers.

Oh but the stink doesnt stop there.....oh no, in addition to the lovely bugz you can also complete the set with a Parasites pack.

Parasites pack

The Parasites Pack contains 4 mini parasites and a stink blaster......you simply load a parasite into the blaster, pump the handle and it blasts the stench.......again each Parasite comes in its own little pot for safe keeping......don't be fooled by the size, these are equally as stinky as the bigger versions.....and this pack is priced at £9.99. 

My youngest found it hilarious chasing me with these around the house with these......the smells are just so bad, but the boys loved them. With xmas rearing its ugly head around the corner these would be ideal stocking fillers.....and perfect for the kids to scare off your 'not so favorite' relative on xmas day!!

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4 July 2014

2 steps to flawless skin with Radical Glow

Radical Glow Travel Pack

Radical Glow Duo

Having previously featured Radical skincare a few months ago i was very excited to be able to try a couple of their newest products which when combined provide a 2 step process towards flawless skin.

Sold as a pair but also available on their own the Radical Glow system is designed to target dark spots, UV spots and age spots. The pack comes with a Multi Brightening serum and a Skin Perfecting Screen SPF 30.

Multi Brightening Serum

Multi Brightening Serum

Multi Brightening Serum

So firstly the serum....and before anything i have to comment on the packaging as it is seriously good. From the minimal print to the bottle size to the oh so clever hidden applicator top....this product screams quality even before you've opened it. The applicator is a simple push button one which is easy to control and ultimately doesn't squirt the product out...you can apply the right amount everytime. 

The serum is very light and fragrance free, when applying to face it sinks in easily and doesn't leave and greasy residue. The serum is designed to fight uneven skintone and dark spots and contains some pretty interesting ingredients:

Algae Extract: This functions as a skin tightener and also aids the formation of collagen. Long term use promotes this tightening effect through the strengthening of the skin’s connective tissue.

Sea Lilly: help control transportation and inhibition of dendrites (extensions of the nerve cell).

Vitamin C: This helps to reduces skin spots by lightening existing melanin and suppressing the damage to cells caused by UV. Also improves the appearance of wrinkles and helps to soften the skin

The main benefit i gained from the serum was a much more even skintone....skin felt soft and very smooth and just had a much healthier glow. Another big plus for me was combining it with the Skin Perfecting Screen as sun protection is hugely important to me being fair skinned.

Skin Perfecting Screen SPF 30

Skin Perfecting Screen

Perfecting Screen

Now people call me mad but i have been protecting my skin from UV since my early teens..whether it be hot or cloudy i made a conscious decision early on that i needed to protect my skin....and now as im creeping slowly up towards being 40 the benefits are paying off. So the fact that one half of the duo was a protective skin screen was a big plus point even before id tried the product.

Again the packaging is spot on even down to the soft twist top its the sort of product you want to be seen in your make up bag. Application is very easy, the lotion is very light...looks almost like a BB cream as it has a hint of tint in it which just adds to the overall flawless finish. It just sinks into your skin and again no greasy residue which you do tend to get with SPF type creams. The combination of this and the serum left me with super soft skin but also happy in the knowledge i was protected against the sun and those nasty UV rays.

Not only is it tinted but its also infused with light reflecting pigments so when applied it gives your skin a lovely dewy glow and it also aids to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. 

Some key ingredients to note:
Zinc Oxide: This helps protect against sunburn and other damage to the skin caused by UV light. Zinc oxide blocks both UVA and UVB rays of ultraviolet light.

Titanium dioxide: Has strong UV light absorbing capabilities and its resistance to discolouration under ultraviolet light. Sunscreens designed for infants or people with sensitive skin are often based on titanium dioxide as they are believed to cause less skin irritation than other UV absorbing chemicals.

Diamond Powder: Capable of redirecting light. Wrinkles and imperfections appear less pronounced.

The combination of the two products just works really well. I love how the serum makes my skin feel and then the perfecting screen adds a healthy glow and screens me from the UV rays. A perfect travel duo even down the the rather fab travel bag that comes with them. 

You can currently buy this set from Space NK for £68 which i think is an excellent price considering how much the products are on their own. They are also available from multiple other online stockist or check here for the one closest to you.

Once again thank you to the lovely ladies at Radical Skincare for letting me try out these products.

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1 July 2014

Acupuncture in a jar..Hello Yungskin

Yungskin face products

And yes you did read that right......Meet the worlds first skincare product based on homeopathy and acupuncture....Yungskin!

Made from only the best organic and natural ingredients Yungskin utilises quantum energy science and cellular stimulation (sounds very Star Trek!!) to reinvigorate your skin! Its been infused with energies that represent the acupuncture points on your face, neck and eyes.

The cream aims to restore vitality, rejuvenate skin cells, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes, sun spots and pigmentation and also helps tighten the skin. Iv been lucky enough to trial 2 of their products to see if all the hype is justified...the light face cream and the Yungskin Food Supplement.

Face Cream - Light

Yungskin Facecream

Yungskin face cream

The face cream is available in both a rich and a light version.....rich being better suited to more mature skin over 30 and the light being more suited to teens, females up to 30, males and people with sensitive skin. The cream is to be applied to cleansed skin both in the morning and evening for 14 days. After that time it is recommended to rest your skin for at least a couple of days in order to allow your facial muscles to relax. 

The cream is fairly thick but doesn't feel greasy at all....simply apply to the face and gently massage into the skin. The cream sinks very easily into the skin and is just so light...also provided a great base for application of makeup. Some people may find that they experience slight tingling or redness after application.....this is basically due to the circulation being brought to the skin surface and shouldn't last too long. 

Myself personally i didn't experience any of this but absolutely loved the way my skin felt after application, it was super soft which pretty much lasted most of the day, there was no tightness, skin felt calm and first application of this product was nothing but positive. Now iv used this cream for about 2 weeks and have to admit my skin is feeling pretty amazing, it looks healthy and there's not a hint of dryness anywhere. For the first time in a while my skin has actually got its glow back....i have to say I'm a bit of a fan!!

Yungskin Food

Yungskin Food supplement

The food is basically a skin supplement which you can take in conjunction with the cream to help enhance results. This feeds your skin from within and contains the following:

Silica: Reduces wrinkles and improves the skin’s lustre, also reduces itchiness and prematurely aged and dry skin.

Magnesium Phosphate: Reduces itchiness and is a muscle relaxant and skin nutrient

Calcium Fluoride: Improves elasticity, flexibility, tone and strength of connective tissue (skin) and eliminates cracks.

Potassium Sulphate: Oxygenates and cleanse the cells of the skin. Also helps to clear up eczema. 

Sodium Phosphate: The great alkalizer

Stress Essence
A huge list of essences are contained including Comfrey, Dandelion, Lavender, Sweet Pea, 
Orange Pincushion and Larch.

Trace Minerals
Basically helps conduct and generate the body's entire electrical system.

Jam packed with goodies the combination of both the cream and the food is designed to give skin all the fuel it needs to be glowing and healthy once again. 10 drops of the food should be taken in a glass of water every morning and evening. Its tasteless so very easy to take.

Whether the food does actually help improve my skin, im not 100% sure...but what i do know is that after using this cream for 2 weeks my skin looks and feels 10 times better than it did before i started. Whatever the science...something is working, i can see the results for myself and my skin really does look damn healthy!.

The downside to this rather fab product is you can't actually buy this in the shops......its currently only available via trained and qualified Beauticians and Practitioners. So if you do fancy experiencing the world of Yungskin simply email info@yungskin.co.uk for details.

I would like to thank the lovely people over at Yungskin for letting me trail these products and if you do get the chance to try Yungskin for yourself let me know how you get on!!

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