15 October 2016

Lord & Berry Seta Eyeshadows

Lord and Berry Seta Eyeshadows

Now i have to admit Im a bit of a sucker for coloured eyeshadow......blues, greens, purples.....you name it Iv worn them all, so when I was asked to review some of the funky colours from Lord & Berry's Seta range i jumped at the chance!!

So if you havent come across Lord & Berry they are a Italian fashion house that basically regards makeup as a glamour fashion accessory. Even though they are a mid price range brand, their products have a high end feel and look which is sleek and very appealing.

Now the Seta range of eyeshadows is extensive......with colours ranging from Valentine pink to Molten Black, it covers a huge spectrum. The eyeshadows come in single round pots......each individually boxed.

Lord and Berry Seta Eyeshadows

I tried 4 colours from the Seta range which were:
luxurious-lime - pastal lime colour
Sumptious - a deep purple colour
Green Fairy - an almost grey/green
Peacock - lovely turquoise blue

Lord and Berry colour swatches

The shadows are really soft and easy to apply but most importantly really blendable making it easy to combine different colours. Pigment is quite light meaning that you can layer colour to make it darker and more intense and some have a slightly iridescent effect.

Staying power is quite impressive and i found that they don't crease like you tend to get with some eye shadows. 

Prices vary for these, from about £8 - £12 depending on where you order from. 

Overall im really impressed with the range, love the single pots however It would be fab if they sold them as sets as well. The colours are bendable and have enough staying power to take you through the day.

Check out the full range at http://www.lordandberry.com/ 

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31 August 2016

The Jojoba Company Hydrating Day Cream

Hydrating Day Cream

My review today is for a hydrating day cream from an Australian skincare company called The Jojoba Company.

Starting in 2008 the company farmed their own Jojoba, and with their passion and growing knowledge of the product they sought to create a skincare range that was 100% natural.

The brand today has a huge array of skincare products which are all infused with natural and organic ingredients from all over the world.

For those of you that don't know, Jojoba is basically a golden liquid wax which is made from the jojoba bean.Research confirms that Jojoba mimics the skin’s natural oils and penetrates deep into the skin layers and it is also similar to the protective wax produced by human skin.

So to the product i tried - The Hydrating day cream is a high performance active moisturiser with antioxidants, silk peptides and Siberian Ginseng. 

Full list of goodies as follow:
Pomegranate - helps promote the skins elasticity
Green tea - very calming on the skin
Olive leaf - soothing, calming
Beta glucan - encourages collagen production
Vitamins B & E - antioxidants
Siberian ginseng - visibly firms the skin
Silk amino acids - firming proteins

Its designed as a light daily use moisturiser that helps to prevent against environmental effects on the skin. The cream comes in soft touch tube with a rather nifty pump action dispenser which can be a bit tempremental. The cream is very light..not overly enamoured with the fragrance, but its not that strong so doesn't really bother me.  Cream sinks very easily into the skin and is in no way greasy after application.

You can immediately feel an effect after application. Skin feels very smooth and hydrated...and with all the natural ingredients there was no irritation after usage. The cream comes in a 50ml tube, with prices varying around the £20-22 mark.

For a light but high performing daily cream this does the job. Their range is really appealing and there are several stockist in the UK including Amazon, Holland & Barrett as well as their own UK based website.  

*Many thanks to Sparkle PR for allowing me to trial this lovely product x

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21 August 2016

Bold colours with Everglaze Extended Wear nailpolish

Nail polish range from Evergalze

So today I reviewed a series of nailpolishes from the Everglaze range from China Glaze. The Evergalze range is an Extended wear version designed for strength, stamina and shine. 

The range has a huge choice of colours and I tried out 3 of them including their active top coat.

Now on the website it states you should apply 2 layers of the polish, which i have to agree with. On my first application the colour wash is very sheer and if you like your colours bold i would say 2 maybe 3 coats would be need to gain the desired colour. 

Drying time is fairly standard - i left it at least 5 minutes before adding on the top coat, which goes on very easy with no colour drag. 

Colour wise/final finish (from left to right): 
Royal Satin: Lovely glossy plum colour with a nice iridescent effect, my favourite overall 
Active Top Coat: Provided a nice shine and finish to the nails with good easy application
Tomato -Tomatoe: A vibrant almost fluro red shade, does need a few coats to get a good solid colour
French Press: An iridescent light brown/grey colour - again this one needed a few coats for the desired colour.

Staying power
So i tried these varnishes firstly without the top coat and then with it. 
Without the top coat I was seeing chipping and wear literally the next day which was a bit disappointing
With the top coat wear is greatly improved however by about the 3rd day i was seeing slight chips appear plus the top coat was starting to peel and wasn't looking as super glossy as it did on the 1st day.

Overall I wouldn't have classed these as extended wear polishes - the initial colours are sheer so need layering and I would have expected them to last longer than 3 days before wear was noticeable. That said the colours once layered were nice and as an everyday polish these did the job. I do love the vast amount of colours in the range and at about £9.95 they are are not overly priced. 

You can view the full range at the China Glaze site and  if you head on over to Nail Polish Direct you can currently grab them for a bargain price of £6.95 each.

Thank you to Sparkle Pr for allowing me to try these samples x

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1 August 2016

Grab a hint of summer with Monsoons Rose Gold Perfume

Rose Gold is a perfume made by high street retailer Monsoon - launched back in Nov 2015 it goes up against alot of decent high street competition however this one is priced slightly higher to reflect the brand at £24 for 30ml compared to the others which tend to come in under £15.

So is it worth that extra money? 

Rose gold comes in a sleek, fairly standard looking bottle cased in a rather nice looking gold and white box. The fragrance is one id label as 'safe'.....i.e pretty much most people would like the fragrance, its not overpowering by any one element...its a warm, flowery fragrance with a slight musk hint to it. An easy to wear everyday fragrance that can easily transition to a night out. The 30ml bottle is also the perfect handbag size.....and mine is in there already. 

Do i think its worth the price tag?...well Monsoon is a pretty credible fashion brand with clothing at the higher end of the price range so i think the price correctly reflects that brand image. Its not  a 'break the bank' price and you can't really go wrong with this fragrance.....very easy to wear, and leaves you smelling pretty damn nice!!

The fragrance comes in 3 sizes 30ml  Approx, £24,  50ml Approx £29 and 100ml for approx £35. A perfect summer fragrance - if we ever have one!!!

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18 July 2016

Give bad breath the brush off with The Breath Co

The Fresh Breath Co Range

So you have a hot date on the card and a cheeky kiss at the end of the evening is in your sights....fresh smelling breath is a No1 priority is it not?......well there is a new product on the block hailing from the USA that claims to fight bad breath, lasts for 12 hours and even better works INSTANTLY!!

The Breath Co is a range of naturally oral care products made from only pure ingredients meaning:
No alcohol
No colourings
No Flavourings
Vegetarian/Vegan/kosher and Gluten Free

The brand was created by Dr Harold Katz who is recognised expert on the subjects of breath care and oral health. There are 3 products in the range - an oral rinse (mouthwash), toothpaste and mouth wetting lozengers (new one on me!!!)

So firstly the toothpaste. Comes in a fairly cumbersome box with quite Americanised branding. Its both anti cavity and anti tartar and states its naturally oxygenating. It has a whole heap of benefits including:
Works instantly on bad breath
Help control dry mouth 
Recommended for canker sores
Also approved for Diabetics

The test - So due to the way this toothpaste is made its tastes quite different to the normal toothpastes you are most probably used to - firstly its very mild in flavour and secondly the consistency takes a bit of getting used to as its very watery - turning to liquid as soon as it hits your mouth, so quite a different feeling when brushing.....its weird, you feel like its not going to be strong enough to do anything....however once you get over the initial weirdness you will realise that this is a damn good toothpaste. Teeth feel squeaky clean, breath is fresh - and the feeling last for ages. It is quite pricey at around £8.99 - though if you hop over to Boots they currently have it retailing for £5.99 saving you a whopping £3.

Oral Rinse
So next onto the oral rinse - this comes in 2 varieties one is mild mint and the one i trailed was the Invigorating Icy mint. Again a fairly big bottle. For best results it says to rinse for a minute with 1 cup and then gargle for 30 seconds with another cup. Again this isn't a strong tasting flavour, but it is alot stronger than the toothpaste. Same benefits as the toothpaste but also is non burning and alcohol free. Breath and mouth felt clean and fresh after use.....and is most definitely kiss approved!! 
This is the priciest of the 3 products at around £13.99 a bottle (Boots again have it on sale with £4.66 off) however if you do have breath /mouth issue or just generally like to spend a bit more on oral care then this is a quality product. Its also really helpful for ailments such as tonsil health and sore gums. 

Wetting Lozengers
Last but not least the wetting lozengers.....not something Iv ever come across before but they are designed to combat dry mouth and freshen breath also. They combine Zinc, Oxygen and Xylitol which basically attacks all those nasty germs in your mouth that causes bad breath - they also include a 'mouth wetting agent' that stimulate your saliva production. The taste again is quite mild....but leaves your mouth with a nice fresh feeling....and yep I can confirm the mouth wetting does work!!
Again these are a bit pricey at £8.99 for a pack of 72 - and Boots again have got £3 off so grab yourself a bargain. 

So overall this is a really good brand - yes it is at the pricier end of the scale but you get results and for the many people out there that suffer with breath problems this could be the breath of fresh air they were waiting for. For me the best part of the brand is the natural element - no alcohol and no nasties, leaving you with a naturally fresh, clean and happy mouth......and an even happier hot date!!
Thanks to the lovely Nadine at esparkle PR for allowing me to test this brand xx

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