18 November 2014

A touch of TLC with Batiste Care & Vitality

So my favourite 'go to brand' for dry shampoo has yet again released a new product and this time its not just about blasting the greasy roots and making your hair smell divine...this time Batiste is kicking ass with a little added TLC to tired locks.

Care & Vitality contains manderin oil extract and amino acids and together they help make your hair feel stronger and smoother, giving you extra body and a healthy shine.

Of course fragrance is always key and this one makes no exception with yummy lychee, white blossom, peony, amber, lily, violet leaf, freesia, cedarwood and musk....the fragrance is uplifting and makes your hair smell like its just been washed.

Care & Vitality is part of the new "Nourish" range from Batiste which also includes:
Strength & Shine
Smoothing Conditioning Mist
Nourish & Enrich

Retailing for £3.99 this is at the pricier end of the range but well worth it.

Available from all usual retailers.....you can follow Batiste via Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.

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Light up Christmas with the LED Hut

LED branch lights

LEDhut logo

So its mid November, shops are jam packed with xmas goodies and the all important "which lights should i pick this year' is once looming again!

Im fussy and my tastes seem to change each year as well as my decor.....lights have got to look right and with our first xmas coming up in our new house im on a mission to make it look amazing. So welcome to LEDHut, the one stop shop that sells every type of xmas light you can think off....we're talking icicles, fairy, candle, outdoor...every base is covered.

LEDHut very kindly sent me a sample from their branch light range which is a contemporary design featuring rattan style balls on pose-able branches.

LED branch lights

LED branch lights

LED branch lights rattan ball effect

The branch is attached to a small battery pack which takes 3 AA batteries (included). The branch can be displayed on its own simply draped over a fireplace or perhaps hanging from somewhere, personally i added it to a vase i already had in my lounge. Because of the design the branch fitted perfectly into my lounge décor and doesn't scream 'Christmas decoration'...in fact you could use this all year round, which is what i plan to do.

So what are they like when switched on?

LED branch lights lit

LED branch lights lit

LED branch lights lit

Well as you can see, they look really nice. The rattan balls emit a lovely warm glow which is perfect for dressing up any room, a really simple design which provides a really great effect when lit......and its also a snip at just £9.99. 

LEDHut have a vast and affordable range on offer and whats more they are currently offering 0% VAT and free delivery on orders so grab yourself a bargain.

For the latest deals and new products you can follow LEDHut via Twittter, Facebook, You Tube and Google+.

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29 September 2014

The Library of Fragrance - Can a single scent be exciting?

Barbados Cherry Scent

So the wait is over and The Library of Fragrance finally launched  this month with 28 different scents being available from Boots stores across the UK and up to 101 versions on the UK website. Having worked with them up to the launch i was lucky enough to get to sample one of these unique singular scents so with a love for all things fruity i picked a scent from the website, Barbados Cherry.

Now the Library of Fragrance has created pretty much every type of scent and designed them to capture a feeling, a moment from your childhood, a familiar fragrance that evokes a memory....and Barbados Cherry is no exception. As soon as the spray hit my skin i had a flashback of being 17...terrible fashion, spiral perm and a love for fragrance oils....the smell instantly took me back to that moment.  A fruity punch that's quite sweet on impact but settles into a lovely warm and distinctive scent which lasts for hours. The bottle comes in a rather lovely classic design and is also the absolute perfect handbag size. 

The best thing about being a singular scent is they are perfect for layering....allowing you to create your own unique personalised scent....and giving you the perfect excuse to buy more, so its a rather good thing that Boots are currently offering 2 for £25 (single is £15).

These are simple, long lasting scents and with 101 different fragrances the list of combinations is endless. Tangerine and Baby Powder are next on my hit list......whats yours?

For news, competitions and everything about the Library of Fragrance simply follow:

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12 August 2014

Exclusive - Upcoming launch of The Library of Fragrance

Gin and Tonic Fragrance
So if you love fragrance like i do you'll be very excited to hear that there is a new name on the block........soon to be launched on Sep 9th called The Library of Fragrance.

The Library of Fragrance has a whopping 101 fragrances to its name which will all be available via their website....28 of these will also be launched in Boots across the UK and via Boots.com. The fragrances are all about simple singular scents and many are fun day to day smells such as Baby Powder, apple pie, christmas tree, daisy, fireplace, grass and even 
Play Doh!!! 

The full 28 fragrances launching in Boots will be revealed, one fragrance at a time via their Facebook page over the next few weeks.

Thunderstorm Fragrance

Four leaf clover fragrance

Grass Fragrance

Orange blossom fragrance

Baby Powder fragrance

To be notified when they launch simply sign up with your email at:

You can also follow them via Facebook, Pinterest , Twitter or Instagram.

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31 July 2014

Grab a bug and spread the stink

Stink Bugz packs

What is it with boys and stuff thats just plain gross? they love it.......sticky, dirty, smelly....which is probably why Character Toys thought that the concept of Stink Bugz would be a good idea.

Yep these delightful creatures are part of a collection of what they call 'the most disgusting collection of bugz ever'........just fills me with joy!!

Stink Bugz

Muck Maggot

Yes these lovely little guys are basically gross smelling bugs......and i mean gross. There are currently 4 characters to collect at present...the one above being lovingly called Muck Maggot. They each come in a sealed jar.......and when you break that seal you can understand why.......they stink, really bad.....and as if that isn't bad enough, they are squeezable which means you can squeeze the stench in peoples faces.......fabulous!!!

Each bug has its own unique stench......
Muck Maggot - Rotten fish
Swampy Skeeter - Swamp water
Skunk Mantis - Skunk
Trashy Turdmite - Garbage heap

And thats it.....thats all they do, they stink, parents will hate them and kids will love them.......can't really go wrong. The only saving grace is the jars they come in, thankfully they provide a lid so you can seal the delightful characters up when your kids are not chasing you with them!!

Each little bug is £4.99 and you can buy them direct from the Character toys site or various other major toy retailers.

Oh but the stink doesnt stop there.....oh no, in addition to the lovely bugz you can also complete the set with a Parasites pack.

Parasites pack

The Parasites Pack contains 4 mini parasites and a stink blaster......you simply load a parasite into the blaster, pump the handle and it blasts the stench.......again each Parasite comes in its own little pot for safe keeping......don't be fooled by the size, these are equally as stinky as the bigger versions.....and this pack is priced at £9.99. 

My youngest found it hilarious chasing me with these around the house with these......the smells are just so bad, but the boys loved them. With xmas rearing its ugly head around the corner these would be ideal stocking fillers.....and perfect for the kids to scare off your 'not so favorite' relative on xmas day!!

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