18 July 2016

Give bad breath the brush off with The Breath Co

The Fresh Breath Co Range

So you have a hot date on the card and a cheeky kiss at the end of the evening is in your sights....fresh smelling breath is a No1 priority is it not?......well there is a new product on the block hailing from the USA that claims to fight bad breath, lasts for 12 hours and even better works INSTANTLY!!

The Breath Co is a range of naturally oral care products made from only pure ingredients meaning:
No alcohol
No colourings
No Flavourings
Vegetarian/Vegan/kosher and Gluten Free

The brand was created by Dr Harold Katz who is recognised expert on the subjects of breath care and oral health. There are 3 products in the range - an oral rinse (mouthwash), toothpaste and mouth wetting lozengers (new one on me!!!)

So firstly the toothpaste. Comes in a fairly cumbersome box with quite Americanised branding. Its both anti cavity and anti tartar and states its naturally oxygenating. It has a whole heap of benefits including:
Works instantly on bad breath
Help control dry mouth 
Recommended for canker sores
Also approved for Diabetics

The test - So due to the way this toothpaste is made its tastes quite different to the normal toothpastes you are most probably used to - firstly its very mild in flavour and secondly the consistency takes a bit of getting used to as its very watery - turning to liquid as soon as it hits your mouth, so quite a different feeling when brushing.....its weird, you feel like its not going to be strong enough to do anything....however once you get over the initial weirdness you will realise that this is a damn good toothpaste. Teeth feel squeaky clean, breath is fresh - and the feeling last for ages. It is quite pricey at around £8.99 - though if you hop over to Boots they currently have it retailing for £5.99 saving you a whopping £3.

Oral Rinse
So next onto the oral rinse - this comes in 2 varieties one is mild mint and the one i trailed was the Invigorating Icy mint. Again a fairly big bottle. For best results it says to rinse for a minute with 1 cup and then gargle for 30 seconds with another cup. Again this isn't a strong tasting flavour, but it is alot stronger than the toothpaste. Same benefits as the toothpaste but also is non burning and alcohol free. Breath and mouth felt clean and fresh after use.....and is most definitely kiss approved!! 
This is the priciest of the 3 products at around £13.99 a bottle (Boots again have it on sale with £4.66 off) however if you do have breath /mouth issue or just generally like to spend a bit more on oral care then this is a quality product. Its also really helpful for ailments such as tonsil health and sore gums. 

Wetting Lozengers
Last but not least the wetting lozengers.....not something Iv ever come across before but they are designed to combat dry mouth and freshen breath also. They combine Zinc, Oxygen and Xylitol which basically attacks all those nasty germs in your mouth that causes bad breath - they also include a 'mouth wetting agent' that stimulate your saliva production. The taste again is quite mild....but leaves your mouth with a nice fresh feeling....and yep I can confirm the mouth wetting does work!!
Again these are a bit pricey at £8.99 for a pack of 72 - and Boots again have got £3 off so grab yourself a bargain. 

So overall this is a really good brand - yes it is at the pricier end of the scale but you get results and for the many people out there that suffer with breath problems this could be the breath of fresh air they were waiting for. For me the best part of the brand is the natural element - no alcohol and no nasties, leaving you with a naturally fresh, clean and happy mouth......and an even happier hot date!!
Thanks to the lovely Nadine at esparkle PR for allowing me to test this brand xx

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17 March 2016

Bubbles and Powder love

Treacle Moon Gentle Powder Love

A dreamy carousel ride on painted marshmallows and rainbow coloured elephants......now that sounds like my kind of bath!! I can't promise the marshmallows or coloured elephants but i can promise a rather yummy smelling, sweetie reminiscent bathtime with the new Gentle Powder love from Treacle Moon. Inspired by the gentle scent of baby powder....it has captured it perfectly and will be loved by both adults and children alike. Use as a shower gel and slather all over or run under the tap for a lovely and luxurious bubble bath. Its super gentle and vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Currently available in both Tesco and Waitrose from £3. (Gentle Powder Love only currently in Tesco)

Design your own Treaclemoon
If you fancy suggesting and designing your own Treacle moon product yourself...well now you with the release of their easy to use App that helps you do just that.

TreacleMoon App

Totally free to use and available on iOS 8.0 or later (compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad & iPod touch), the app allows you to design fragrances, bottles and the quirky stories to go with it.

If you then share your ideas via:
Facebook: (facebook.com/treaclemoonOfficial), 
Twitter (@treaclemoon_UK) or
Instagram (@treaclemoon_UK), 
using the hashtag #treaclemoonME all the ideas will be entered into a monthly draw where you can win multiple random prizes, they also hope to turn at least one creation per year into an actual product......how good is that!!

So what you waiting for......download the app...and get sharing!!

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20 September 2015

Irritant free skincare with Dermasalve

Dermasalve range

Allergies and sensitivity to certain products are the bain of my life....so the concept of Dermasalve was a pretty attractive one. Let me introduce the brand to you a bit more.....

For those of you that haven't come across Dermasalve before - they are the very first moisturising range that is completely free of all known irritants, you know...those general nasties that make you blotchy, itch, swell (well in my case anyway).....to prove this they have compared their range to 5 other well known moisturising creams on the market and you can see from the table below that Dermasalve score a big fat zero against all of them in relation to known irritant ingredients.

Dermasalve comparison table

So what DO the creams contain - well they are packed with natural oils such as aloe vera, palm oil, wheatgerm and jojoba and these are then bundled together with vitamins and antioxidents with help repair and rejuvenate dry skin.

There are several products in the range from face cream to body cream to one especially for baby skin - the 3 i trailed from the range were the Face, Body and hand cream.

Dermasalve Cream

All the creams come in an easy dispense push down bottle. The first thing you notice about these creams is the feel of the cream - its almost a watery consistency...really light, which may feel a bid odd at first......but bear with it!!. There is none of that greasy feeling you tend to get with creams, a little goes a long way and it absorbs pretty quickly. The results are instant, skin feels soft and hydrated, you don't have to wait ages for it to dry and also it doesn't block pores which is a bonus. The best thing about these creams is that the effects last, its not just a quick fix. 

I have to say when i first tried each of these I just didn't think they were going to work very well - the watery consistency wasn't something i was used to.....but the feel of my skin after application proved me wrong...love the way my skin feels after application and this range is a pure godsend for anyone out there who suffer with allergies, sensitive skin etc. It also means this range can be used by anyone with skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. 

Products in the range are exceptional value and range from £5.99 up to £30.00 for an eczema treatment pack - You can buy they direct from the website but they are also currently on offer over at Pharmacy 2u   - so grab yourself a bargain quick.

You can follow Dermasalve via Facebook or Twitter

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19 August 2015

Batiste launch new stylist range

Batiste stylist range

So finally Batiste as now expanded its classic dry shampoo brand with a brand new stylist range featuring a whole host of styling products from hairspray to texturising spray - all have been infused with a special blend of strengthening keretin and nourishing Inca
Inchi oil designed to care for your locks each time you style your hair.

The range in full:
Hold Me Hairspray
Shield My Locks Heat & Shine Spray
Texture Me Texturizing Spray
Smooth It Frizz Tamer
Oomph My Locks XXL Volumising Spray
Oomph My Locks XXL Plumping Powder

I got the chance to try two of the new products (pictured above) the Heat and Shine spray and the XXL Volume Spray.

Heat and Shine
Heat and shine is designed to protect your hair from heat damage, it can shield your hair from heat up to 230°c and is designed to be used on dry hair - NOT damp. In addition the spray also doubles up as a finishing spray - simply spray on dry hair and then style as required leaves your hair feeling sleek and smooth and eliminates the flyaway factor which i do sometimes get after styling.

Oomph My Locks XXL Volumising Spray
This is basically a backcomb in a can - designed to provide an instant volume boost to styles, i found this very similar to the original dry shampoos.....spray in the roots, give it a rub and voila - volume accomplished. It also smells super sweet so great for refreshing hair.

Both the above products along with the others in the range have been launched exclusively in Boots and range from £3.99 for the powder up to £4.29 for the rest.

So grab yourself a can now!!

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5 July 2015

Chemist Direct - The one stop shop for holiday essentials

Chemist Direct

So you are off on your summer holidays soon, if you are anything like me you will have a toiletries list a mile long....especially with 2 kids.......so would an online pharmacy be your first point of call?? Wouldn't have been my first choice but maybe Chemist Direct can change your mind!

The online pharmacy Chemist Direct has been hanging around on the web for a while now (since 2007) and with a recent website makeover is now more user friendly than ever and is packed with great deals making it an ideal pit stop for pre ordering for your holidays.

From travel products to vitamins, toiletries, medicines, online prescriptions and even pet health...Chemist Direct ticks all the boxes and has a huge range of products and deals. One particularly good addition that stood out for me is their bulk buy section...allowing you to bulk buy items such as deodorants, haircare, skincare, dental, hair removal...perfect for stocking up on those home essentials. It made my holiday shopping easier...everything i needed in one place.

With the recent makeover searching and ordering is simple with free standard delivery (note this is within 5 days but mine did come sooner) so if you did require something sooner there are next day options available.

When your order is complete you also get the option to get £5 off for each friend you refer to the site...perfect excuse for more shopping!!

Overall a very handy little site, hassle free, easy to use and chock full of bargains and offers.

You can follow Chemist Direct via Twitter (@chemistdirect) 
Web: www.chemistdirect.co.uk

(Thank you to Frank Pr for letting me trial the site for this review)

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